2000th FireStorm screensaver

2000th FireStorm screensaver

2000th FireStorm Screensaver brings the fiery element to your desktop
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One of the most attractive, yet dangerous elements in nature is fire. Most of us can stay watching different kinds of fire for ours. This fiery element possesses something that sometimes makes us forget how dangerous it can be and lure us into getting closer.

2000th FireStorm Screensaver brings the fiery element to your desktop.

Don't you remember many times in your life when you were sitting in the dark around a campfire? Or maybe in front of a fireplace at home or somewhere else?

This beautiful screensaver will bring different kinds of fire manifestation to your computer. You will be able to watch sparks, fireballs and more in the safety of your living room.

The graphics are excellent and very realistic. You can almost feel the heat coming out of your screen.

2000th FireStorm Screensaver has a wide variety of customizable options for you to set. You can set it to remind you the coming New Year, with a sign showing the year in flames and slowly changing to the new date.

You can establish the number of fireballs, and the frequency with which they appear on your screen, until your screen explodes in a shower of colorful fireworks.

You will surely lose track of time while watching this awesome screensaver.
So remember you will eventually have to go back to work.

Fernando Soni
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